Veron Silvera Design was created from my love of interior design and my pursuit of peace. 


I found my self on a journey  to find calmness and serenity, so I began to  research things that would calm my spirit and bring a sense of nostalgia as well,


"Take me back to when I was able to dream" 


I happened to stumble across the benefits of certain scents in  the home and began to understand how ​memory and smell are intertwined. 

After all, your home is your sanctuary and it should speak to you... Scent can create that open conversation

We want you to have an "Experience" when you open and use our products.  

The special attention that we  place on each and every item comes from my desire for peaceful beautiful homes. with the understanding that peace starts from within.


So I created products that would speak to that desire.


Our candles are sustainable home décor pieces in themselves, but couple that with our wonderful fragrances and you will have a match made in heaven.


  It has been proven that Fragrance and candle light can improve your mood, calm your mind, stimulate memory and a plethora of other things. 


We  also recognize the need for quality skin ingredients as we continue to mature in life, so we made sure that we increased the healthy ingredients  in all of  our body oils. 


"Everything we do has a purpose"


Ellen by VSD ("Enjoy Living Life Everyday Nurtured" ) was inspired by my beloved grandmother "ELLEN',  she was one of the most cheerful  and loving women I have ever known and Veron Silvera is my mother who is still one of the sweetest, kindest and warmest souls, carrying on the torch. 


My Company represents the strength of the women who came before me and it will inspire those who will come after.


To create a better quality of everyday life for each of our customers.

We promise to nurture and care for your consumer needs as we provide quality products, with quality ingredients. 

Thank you for visiting us today and on behalf of VSD we would like to thank you for allowing us into your home!



Nadene Jeffrey


 "Enjoy Living Life Everyday Nurtured" by Veron Silvera Design*