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Capture the Beauty



Welcome to EllenbyVSD, where the art of luxury candles meet the enchantment of home décor. Our company takes pride in crafting exquisite candles that transcend boundaries of mere wax and wick, transforming any living space into a haven of beauty and elegance.  

Beautiful Gifts Ideas

Candle of the month

Introducing the "Bee's Kiss" Candle by EllenbyVSD – an embodiment of nostalgia and sentimentality, perfect for gifting to that cherished someone. This exquisite candle transcends ordinary gifts, boasting a design that not only captivates but also elicits a rush of heartwarming memories. 

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Fragrance MENU

Explore our exquisite Fragrance List, a symphony of scents that epitomizes the essence of luxury in our candles. Each fragrance in our collection is meticulously crafted to achieve the perfect "sillage" - a seamless and lingering trail of captivating aroma that enchants and embraces your senses. Immerse yourself in a sensory journey where every note intertwines harmoniously, leaving an indelible mark on your heart and home. 

The dragonfly candle

Introducing the EllenbyVSD Dragonfly Tin Candle – where beauty and meaning come together in a stunning blend of craftsmanship and scent.


The Candle Refill Kit

"Sustainability at its finest"

Our Candle Refill Kit is designed with utmost care, not only does the EllenBYVSD Candle Refill Kit offer a sustainable way to maintain your home décor, but it also presents an opportunity to indulge in a touch of personalization